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Professor Millicent Stone is the CEO and co- founder of iOWNA, a digital healthcare company and is also a practicing Consultant Physician.
She is a key opinion leader in her field, trained as a Clinical Epidemiologist with a strong academic career in North America before moving back to the UK in pursuit of her entrepreneurial dreams.
She is finishing an MSt in Entrepreneurship at Judge Business School, Cambridge University with keen interest in sustainability of digital ventures
As a Homerton College Changemaker Ambassador, she hosts her own podcast show as Dr Millie for Live Longer: The Podcast (available on Apple and Spotify) and in 2001 her first novel Molly’s Choice was published by Three Sisters Press.
Dr Millie is driven by her purpose to enable people live longer, healthier lives.

Cambridge students get an amazing degree; the Changemakers programme helps them ask more powerful questions about what they are going to really do with that experience, and what success means in the era we live in. Combining a focus on both attributes and practical wisdom, the programme centres on global citizenship, leadership, enterprise, selfhood and sustainable futures, and tools for changemaking. The Homerton Changemakers programme takes the form of regular workshops and intensive residentials, online modules, lectures, mentoring, coaching and a student ambassador scheme.

iOWNA is a digital healthcare platform co-founded by Millicent with the mission to enable people to live longer, healthier lives. The app allows clinicians to share trusted guidance in a patient friendly format to help improve clinical outcomes so people can live longer, healthier lives. iOWNA was inspired by her own experience as a mother of a very ill child as she discovered the importance of having the right information at the right time, which helped her daughter survive.

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