Molly's Choice, a novel by Millicent Stone

Molly's Choice novel by Millicent Stone

We have the first 100 1st Edition copies available and signed by Millicent  for a pre-order cost of £14.99 plus P&P which will be ready to be dispatched week commencing the 18th October.

Molly’s Choice is Millicent’s first novel published by Three Sisters Press in Ireland.
Molly lives in her dreams. In her head she is carefree and happy, however her reality is very different. Her journey from girl to woman is real and raw. Only when her child’s life is threatened does Molly find out what she’s really capable of, who she truly is and how she wants to live her reality.
Molly’s Choice is a commentary on the ever changing life in Irish society and a deeper look into the importance of growing up and realising one’s potential. It embodies the art of living a carefree happy life without thinking about the consequences.
There are lessons for all of us in Molly’s choices.

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As this October is Lupus Awareness Month 
A 20% donation from the October book sales of Molly’s Choice will be made to Lupus Research.


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