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Have you ever wondered how to live a longer, healthier life? I am Millicent, a doctor, author and co-founder of iOWNA (a mobile health app). My purpose in life is to help people answer this question and enable them to live longer, healthier lives. This is at the centre of everything that I do.

Aside from the provision of excellent medicine and adopting a healthy lifestyle, I put art, nature and healing into the mix for the holy grail of achieving health and wellness. Join me as I delve into the different ways to achieve this, by speaking to a range of people from all walks of life, to explore their perspectives, and share their tips on how to live a longer, healthier life. From artists to gardeners, they all have something interesting to add to the conversation!

In my first series, The Art of Healthy Longevity, I share the wisdom of artists and people who love art.

The Art of Healthy Longevity

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Mike11 May 2021
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Thank you Prof. Spector and Dr. Stone for another very interesting podcast. It really emphasised the need for a highly personalised approach to health and longevity. One size does not fit all and the number of variables to be considered for good health are so enormous that generalised advice is not going to be the answer. Perhaps this approach should be covered in our national schools curriculum. I think that personal knowledge and awareness is the key and your podcast helps to spread the word.
Rosemary Hartigan
Rosemary Hartigan23 March 2021
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Thank you - this sounds like an amazing project. Plenty to pick from too. Thanks again. It's a great collaboration.
Chris Nolan
Chris Nolan23 March 2021
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How interesting! Sounds fab. Thanks Millicent.
Lorna5 May 2021
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Wendy Rolt: Very enlightening view of art and wellbeing, particularly in relation to how women view themselves.
Putney Commoner
Putney Commoner28 March 2021
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Just listened to the interview with Christopher Wilkinson. Simply a beautiful and wise expression of the interface between art and the practice of creating living and working spaces. I highly recommend it.
Gavin Jennings
Gavin Jennings11 April 2021
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Donald Sammut Interview: Excellent and well researched podcast. You do not need to be either a surgeon nor artist to find the synergy described herein quite fascinating. Thoroughly enjoyed.
Mike Sutton
Mike Sutton27 April 2021
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I really enjoyed your chat with Prof. Adrian Furnham. The conversation showed how important the psychological effects are for health and wellbeing. Lots to think about there.
Kirsten29 April 2021
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Adrian Furnham Interview: A super interview with a very interesting and knowledgeable individual. I loved that Adrian suggested focussing on one's strength rather than fix weaknesses. I also liked his thoughts on personality and intelligence. It was so well explained.
Lorna10 May 2021
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Tim Spector: Fascinating, I have come across his work before and is always informative and inspiring. Great to know he takes his own advice!
Stephanie Khiara
Stephanie Khiara28 May 2021
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Tim Spector: I found this episode so interesting. I think it will help me enormously with my approach to eating and sugar cravings. I have both books on order!
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iOWNA is a digital healthcare platform co-founded by Dr Millicent Stone with the mission to enable people to live longer, healthier lives. The app allows clinicians to share trusted guidance in a patient friendly format to help improve clinical outcomes so people can live longer, healthier lives. iOWNA was inspired by her own experience as a mother of a very ill child as she discovered the importance of having the right information at the right time, which helped her daughter survive.
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