Charlotte Froud - Art and Wellness

Art and wellness. Lady with snake painting.
Woman With Snake

Charlotte is a 6th form student at Ardingly College, West Sussex. Although she longs to study medicine, art is a huge part of her life and she recognises that both art and wellness are intertwined. She loves taking a blank canvas and transmitting her thoughts and feelings onto it. She is inspired by nature and likes to experiment with mixed medias. She founded the Silver Lining Gallery to raise funds for children who are not so fortunate by selling her work and donating to the Make a Wish Foundation.

Art gets you to observe the beauty of the little things in life“, Charlotte Froud

Art and wellbeing. Labrador puppies painting.
Choco Loco
Art and wellbeing. Owl.
Wise Eyes
Art and wellbeing. Labrador face painting.
Old Friend

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