Mr David Bell - Neurosurgeon

Living with back pain during Covid

Mr David Bell Neurosurgeon. Living with back pain duringCovid

Covid has affected many acute and chronic services, both across the nation and globally, leading to long waiting times for both hospital appointments and surgeries. Interestingly, some patients self-manage their pain and symptoms resolve, especially for back pain.

Ways of working have changed during the pandemic with increasing virtual hybrid working set ups. We discuss the importance of face to face consults especially with surgeons and how this builds doctor-patient relationships.

Virtual work is a necessity but often not ideal for gaining trust of those that suffer. Join me in conversation with Mr Bell, a leading spinal surgeon to find out more about the challenges faced by surgeons in the face of Covid.

“As a surgeon you have to develop a close and trusting relationship with your patients.” Mr David Bell

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© Wendy Rolt
 © Wendy Rolt

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