Lisa Butcher - Well-Being Expert in iLab Technique

Lisa Butcher - Well-Being Expert in iLab Technique. Marie Claire magazine cover.

Join me in conversation with Lisa, a former TV presenter and top model who has graced the covers of Elle and Marie Claire magazines throughout her successful career. She turned to art to heal herself after bereavement and now helps others as a well-being expert with her iLAb therapy. Lisa believes healing takes many forms, from a simple walk in nature to medical intervention for serious illness, and as part of a holistic healing journey we, must listen to our bodies and be grateful for what we have each day.

‘Healing comes in many forms’ – Lisa Butcher

Lisa Butcher with her two daughters
Lisa, with daughters Amber and Olivia
Pendant designed by Lisa Butcher
Jewellery designs by Lisa
Lisa Butcher - Well-Being Expert in iLab Technique. Elle magazine cover.
Elle cover of Lisa as a teenager

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