Marilyn Stafford, Photojournalist- a longer fuller life

Refugees sitting in a forest - Marilyn Stafford
Bangladesh 1972 – Returned refugees at Rally Dhaka following war with Pakistan and the creation of the new country…Bangladesh

Marilyn Stafford epitomises what it means to live a longer, fuller life.
From finishing drama school, to photographing Albert Einstein as well as spending the day with the former Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi, there is no end to the incredible twists and turns in this fascinating woman’s life.
Now, in her later years, she is working tirelessly to empower women with her photography competition which aims to inspire and make a difference in the world and to people’s lives. Marilyn is a true change maker herself. She is a 96 year old going on 26 years. What really is her secret to longevity? Might it be art?
“I survived despite my art, not because of it.” – Marilyn Stafford

Marilyn Stafford – A Life In Photography (exhibition)

Biba Fashion shoot - Marilyn Stafford, Photojournalist
BIBA Shop, High Street, Kensington, London circa 1970
Men sitting in Cafe in Tripoli - Marilyn Stafford, Photojournalist
41 Café, Tripoli, Lebanon 1960
Francesca Serio, illiterate olive picker, Sicily, 1961 Known as Italy's 'Antigone'

All Images © Marilyn Stafford

March 2022

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Gail Orgias
Gail Orgias23 September 2021
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Such an amazing (and modest) woman - who inspires through her passion telling stories with her camera. Many incredible opportunities- which she took (loved the coincidence with the Indian writer) & which led her to so many places & memorable images. It is one of the most fascinating talks I have ever heard (and she continues to take photographs & exhibit).

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