Dr Sabine Maguire MBE, Founder/Chair of Sparkle - Health and Social Care for Childhood Disability

Sabine Maguire MBE, Sparkle building

Integrated health, social and leisure care for children with disabilities gives them the opportunity to live longer, healthier and happier lives.

The Sparkle Charity in Wales is leading the way with their flagship Serennu Children’s Centre, led by a dynamic Irish born paediatrician, Dr Sabine Maguire MBE. Sabine’s art of living is selfless devotion to the public service for children with special needs, bringing hope and sparkle to the lives of many children and their families.

“Our aim with Sparkle is to have special children shine as brightly as they can.” Sabine Maguire MBE

Sabine Maguire MBE, Sparkle, Smiling boy spinning a top
Sabine Maguire MBE, Sparkle, toddler on a play mat
Sabine Maguire MBE, Sparkle, very happy smiling girl

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