Wendy Rolt, Artist - Longer Healthier Life

Wendy Rolt, Artist - Longer Healthier Life. Skeletal scan wearing jacket.
To Thine Own Self Be True

Wendy, originally from London, is a Cornish based artist who has travelled far and wide and her life’s experience is reflected in her work.

She explores the sense of self and identity, what it means to be a woman and the tension in life brilliantly in her work. She founded a charity called The Arch to help women from disadvantaged backgrounds overcome difficulties through art.

Having purpose enables us to live a longer healthier life.” Wendy Rolt

Art and wellbeing. Abstract painting.
Reality Unseen
Art and wellbeing. Skeletal scan wearing jacket.
Art and wellbeing. Abstract painting.
Who Am I

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Lorna5 May 2021
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Very enlightening view of art and wellbeing, particularly in relation to how women view themselves

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