Professor Adrian Furnham - Psychology of longevity

All n the mind book, Adrian Furnham

Does being a writer reduce longevity? Is writing an occupational hazard in the modern day that can lead to mental illness itself or indeed premature death? Join me as I learn about the psychology of longevity of artists including authors from a world famous Psychologist, Academic, Author and Broadcaster, Professor Adrian Furnham.

“It’s difficult not to be controversial when asked your opinion on certain issues” Adrian Furnham

Adrian Furnham psychologist on longevity book
Personal sellection book coverAdrian Furnham Psychologist, aspect on longevity
Why Psychology book cover,, aspect on longevity by Adrian Furnham

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Mike Sutton
Mike Sutton27 April 2021
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I really enjoyed your chat with Prof. Adrian Furnham. The conversation showed how important the psychological effects are for health and wellbeing. Lots to think about there.
Kerstin29 April 2021
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A super interview with a very interesting and knowledgeable individual. I loved that Adrian suggested focussing on one's strength rather than fix weaknesses. I also liked his thoughts on personality and intelligence. It was so well explained.

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