David Isenberg, Rheumatologist - Improving longevity

Cartoon image of Lupus Dave.

Join me in conversation with Professor David Isenberg, an eminent and world leading Rheumatologist and The Versus Arthritis Professor of Medicine at University College London who explains how combining medicine, science and art can improve deadly diseases such as Lupus. He eloquently outlines a case for improving longevity by asking deep questions and seeking answers through ground-breaking research as he has done over a 30-year career at UCL.
We also hear how David keeps himself sane as a doctor through music. He translates this personal experience to a message for anyone dealing with illness on how to maintain wellbeing. He tells us how art, especially music is necessary and accessible for both the patient and clinician to live a longer, healthier life.

‘Asking questions helps us move forward’ Professor David Isenberg

Lady with lupus rash
David Isenberg at work with coleagues
David with Dido
Blue butterfly

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