Ashley Pawson, Former Royal Marine Commando - Wellbeing

Ashley Pawson, Wellbeing

The keys to Surviving and Thriving inside and outside a life of service are attending to physiological needs, self esteem, mental well-being as well as achieving purpose in life. Join me as I chat to Ashley Pawson, former Royal Marine commando about finding his purpose inside and outside of the Royal Marines. The search for a community attracted him to a career in the forces but ironically his desire to provide for his family and friends brought him out of service. Transitioning to a life outside was difficult and after hitting rock bottom he got his life back on track and is now thriving. His mission now is to give back and help others who will follow a similar path. Getting the right information at the right time is key for those transitioning out of service. iOWNA supports the forces and can provide a digital solution to this problem.

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Unknown6 October 2022
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Great podcast. Raises a really important point on the lack of support available for service people as they leave the forces
Stephen Cameron
Stephen Cameron5 December 2022
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This podcast resonates so much with my own story as I was in the Royal Marines and am currently still struggling with finding a purpose and an identity for a number of years now. Very good insight.

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