Dan White, Photojournalist - Longevity

Dan White, Photojournalist - Longevity. Head and shoulders image of man.

Join me in conversation with Dan, a Pulitzer prizewinning photojournalist, who has captured the essence of many people from the jazz musicians of Kansas City to Professor Stephen Hawking at Cambridge University, from behind his lens.
Dan thinks the biggest thing we can all learn from a photographer is how to look a little more deeply as we wander through our lives- he tells us to look where the light is to see the beauty around us. He also learned the importance music and art is to longevity.
‘The big lesson from photography is looking at the little things closely to see the bigger picture of life’
Dan White

The Picture of Health
A photograph captures a moment in time preserving a memory forever. The photographic exhibit Hold Still by HRH Duchess of Cambridge is an example of how photography can ensure we don’t forget what’s important in life.

As we emerge from the pandemic, we bring our first series of Live Longer: The Podcast to a close, with conversations with a Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist and eminent doctors and surgeons who use photography to enhance their own lives and that of their patients.

In episode 11 of the series, Prof Furnham told us that of all the various artistic disciplines, photographers live longest. In my conversation with Dan White, I discover why this is so. This episode also sets us up for the finale of season 1 of Live Longer: The Podcast.

Eddie Draper sitting under a signpost by Dan White
Eddie Draper
Art and wellbeing. Man smoking with trombone. By Dan White
Foster, Jazz Musician
Purple sky lone tree in field
Tuscan Tree

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