Donald Sammut, Hand Surgeon - Longer Healthier Lives

Donald Sammut, Hand Surgeon - Longer Healthier Lives. Drawing of surgeon at work. Onewellbeck. Circle Bath.
David Evans, Surgeon at Work

Join me as I speak to Donald, a talented artist and hand surgeon and a caring and empathic doctor. Donald uses art in his day to day work to improve patient outcomes as he gives people function back in their hands. In his work in Nepal with leprosy sufferers where some of his patients live hand to mouth, regaining hand function is vital to their survival.

Donald teaches his students to see not just look and to listen not just hear their patients. These are key skills to enable our patients to obtain improved outcomes and live longer healthier lives. Join me as I support his Working Hands’ charity to bring life back to hands of those less fortunate than many of us

“Art teaches us to see, not just look at the world around us.” Donald Sammut

Art and wellbeing. image of Nepalese man after operation on hand.
Man from Nepal
Art and wellbeing. Drawing of a hand.
Hand drawing pre-op
Black and white image of man dangling from the moon.
The man who fell in love with the moon

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Gavin Jennings
Gavin Jennings11 April 2021
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Excellent and well researched podcast. You do not need to be either a surgeon nor artist to find the synergy described herein quite fascinating. Thoroughly enjoyed.

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