Professor Luke Howard - Consultant Respiratory Physician - Long Covid Effects

Professor Luke Howard MA, Dphil, MB Bchir, FRCP - Long Covid

Long Covid, otherwise known as the ‘post covid syndrome’ is a multi system condition affecting the individual physically, mentally and emotionally. It has pushed health service resources to the limits of their capacity and is widely impacting our society.

It can masquerade as other common illnesses, so as clinicians, we have learned we must keep an open mind on diagnosis in order for other pathologies not to be falsely attributed to it, as not everything is long Covid.

Key to dealing with it are effective programs of collaboration and shared learning among specialists, hospitals and indeed insurers (as many people are crossing over into the private sector to seek answers and solutions).

The pandemic brought the country down on its knees, but many great innovations and learnings have come to light to help us rise up again, better and stronger than before.

If you are a health professional, download the iOWNA app now for access to key resources to help your patients:

If you are a patient, contact us to get access to those resources directly.

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Luke Howard on the river in a skull
Luke in his scull
Pulmonary Hypertension
Pulmonary Hypertension
Hammersmith Hospital
Hammersmith Hospital

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