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Dr Siva Tharshini Ramalingam - GP Specialist in Cardio-oncology

Live your best life today - top wellness tips

A smiling Dr SivaTharshini Ramalingam – BSc MB BS MRCP MRCGP DRCOG DCM

With the end of the year upon us let’s look forward to 2022. I discuss the art of coping with the pandemic as a medic, mother and a professional with a GP colleague Dr Tharshini Ramalingam and we reflect on what makes us whole and how to achieve wellness despite the pandemic.

Here are our top tips for wellness:

Social contact is the backbone of our existence.

Try and find the thing that motivates you in life.

Healthcare is self care.

The holy grail of wellness is mind, body and spiritual health.

All any of us are guaranteed is today, so make each day, your best day.

I’d also like to thank all our guests for joining our podcast this year and sharing their experiences with them while always inspiring us to live a longer, healthier life. 

Dr Millie December 2021

Art and wellbeing. Abstract painting. Balamory
Image by Sundar Kanta Walker
Image by Sarah Muirhead-Allwood
Emma Rose, Artist - Wellbeing. Bleeding heart painting.
Image by Emma Rose
Art and wellness. Lady with snake painting.
Image by Charlotte Froud

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